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A goal of this site is to provide unbiased access to the truth. This section, in particular, is devoted to helping readers recognize the truth, in the midst of all the propaganda.

Movie: Capitalism Is The Crisis

  • Capitalism Is The Crisis: Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity examines the ideological roots of the "austerity" agenda and proposes revolutionary paths out of the current crisis.
  • Workers and Environmentalists Unite!

Michael Truscello, CapitalismCrisis/Axis of Logic

The 2008 "financial crisis" in the United States was a systemic fraud in which the wealthy finance capitalists stole trillions of public dollars. No one was jailed for this crime, the largest theft of public money in history.

Instead, the rich forced working people across the globe to pay for their "crisis" through punitive "austerity" programs that gutted public services and repealed workers' rights.

This documentary explains the nature of capitalist crisis, visits the protests against austerity measures, and recommends revolutionary paths for the future.



Workers and Environmentalists Unite! Shamus Cooke, Workers Compass

  • Lobbying politicians and organizing small rallies cannot have the same effects they once did.
  • Only a sustained campaign with massive mobilizations has the possibility of achieving the united goals of the labor and environmental movements.
  • This article prompts a reality check.
  • Movie: Capitalism Is The Crisis

Capacity Building Beyond Community Services

  • A student of Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals), a friend of Ivan Illich (Deschooling Society, Tools For Conviviality, Medical Nemesis), experienced with civil rights, civil liberties and human rights, John and asset based community development can be a challenge for public and private professionals, provider agencies, funding sources and policymakers focused on providing services for labeled people.
  • Introduction by Ed Preneta, Retired Director, Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities

Professor John McKnight, Abundant

Thanks to Evergreene Digest reader Colleen Weick for submitting this article.

Anyone interested in successfully including people on the margins into neighborhood and community life needs to listen to John McKnight and study asset based community development. John is a community organizer, an academic and a brilliant story-teller. He is deeply committed to promoting the ability and capacity of people, their neighbors and their associations. He believes every community has welcoming places and people and that every person has a gift, ability or skill to share. It is a matter of finding these gift-focused people and connecting them with people on the margins. Gift-focused people can see the gifts and capacities in others and know where and how to connect them so that those gifts and capacities can be shared.

John and his colleagues provide the information, stories, tools and workbooks for learning about the process of welcoming and hospitality in the community through the Asset Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern University and the blog.


Shoddy NYT “News Analysis” of Obama and “Entitlements”

New York Times ombudsman (or public editor, as the Times prefers to call the person) Arthur S. Brisbane has written about how confusing and distorting the “news analysis” pieces in the Times can be. He should look into this one.

Matthew Rothschild, Progressive Magazine

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What passed for “news analysis” in the New York Times on Wednesday (August 10) was rightwing drivel.

The article on page A13 entitled “A Test for Obama’s View of a One-Term Presidency” practically begged the President to slash away at Social Security and Medicare.

Written by Helene Cooper, the article began by paraphrasing Obama’s comment a year and a half ago to the effect that “he would rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.”

Cooper then wrote that he “is nearing a decision on whether he really meant that.”

To her, being “a good one-term president” evidently means going after Social Security and Medicare.


Orwell, 9/11, Emmanuel Goldstein and WikiLeaks

In one of the most brilliant analyses  of our current wars we've ever seen, Glenn Greenwald gives substance to the layers of propaganda essential to their being waged, employing the novel Nineteen Eighty Four at great length to make his point.  Orwell may have been off a bit in his timing, but his predicted conclusions were right on the mark.

Glenn Greenwald, Salon Magazine

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A strikingly good piece of investigative journalism from Associated Press finds that accusations about the damage done by WikiLeaks' latest release are -- yet again -- wildly overstated and without any factual basis.  These most recent warnings have centered on WikiLeaks' exposure of diplomatic sources whom the released cables indicated should be "strictly protected."  While unable to examine all of the names in the cables, AP focused on the ones "the State Department seemed to categorize as most risky."  It found that many of them are "comfortable with their names in the open and no one fearing death."

In particular, many of these super-secret sources were "already dead, their names cited as sensitive in the context of long-resolved conflicts or situations" while "some have publicly written or testified at hearings about the supposedly confidential information they provided the U.S. government."  Like the Pentagon before them, even the State Department  -- which has "been scouring the documents since last year to find examples where sources are exposed and inform them that they may be 'outed'" -- is unable to provide any substantiation for its shrill, public denunciations of WikiLeaks and its "dire" warnings about the "grave danger" caused by publication of these cables:  


Was War the Only Answer to 9/11?

The jihadi movement could have been split and undermined after 9/11 if the ‘crime against humanity’ had been approached as a crime.

Noam Chomsky, Nation of Change

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This is the 10th an­niver­sary of the hor­ren­dous atroc­i­ties of Sept. 11, 2001, which, it is com­monly held, changed the world.

The im­pact of the at­tacks is not in doubt. Just keep­ing to west­ern and cen­tral Asia: Afghanistan is barely sur­viv­ing, Iraq has been dev­as­tated and Pak­istan is edg­ing closer to a dis­as­ter that could be cat­a­strophic.

On May 1, 2011, the pre­sumed mas­ter­mind of the crime, Osama bin Laden, was as­sas­si­nated in Pak­istan. The most im­me­di­ate sig­nif­i­cant con­se­quences have also oc­curred in Pak­istan. There has been much dis­cus­sion of Wash­ing­ton’s anger that Pak­istan didn’t turn over bin Laden. Less has been said about the fury among Pak­ista­nis that the U.S. in­vaded their ter­ri­tory to carry out a po­lit­i­cal as­sas­si­na­tion. Anti-Amer­i­can fer­vor had al­ready in­ten­si­fied in Pak­istan, and these events have stoked it fur­ther.