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Why Did Walker Win Wisconsin?

In taking over the framing of just about every major issue, conservatives have hidden major truths. Democrats need to speak those truths from their own moral perspective. To show how, we have just published "The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide for Thinking and Talking Democratic." Here is how the book applies to the Wisconsin Recall.
Special Report | The Wisconsin Recall Debacle: Week of June 10

George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling, Truthout

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The Wisconsin recall vote should be put in a larger context. What happened in Wisconsin started well before Scott Walker became governor and will continue as long as progressives let it continue. The general issues transcend unions, teachers, pensions, deficits and even wealthy conservatives and Citizens United.

Where progressives argued policy - the right to collective bargaining and the importance of public education - conservatives argued morality from their perspective and many working people who shared their moral views voted with them and against their own interests. Why? Because morality is central to identity and, hence, trumps policy.

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Special Report | The Wisconsin Recall Debacle: Week of June 10, David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest
Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin


Unspeakable Things: The Liberals’ Clumsy Dance Across Obama’s Killing Floor

  • Here is no shuffling, no weasel-wording, no wiggle room for self-deception. Here we look at the mephitic heart of the matter, the burning, rotten core. In this political year, with an election looming, let no one be mistaken on this point: When you get down with Obama, however grudgingly or reluctantly, you are dancing on the killing floor. You are, to use The Nation’s terms, following the logic of the Terror War into complicity and collusion with unspeakable things.
  • Drone attacks create terrorist safe havens, warns former CIA official.

Chris Floyd, Institute for political Economy

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This brilliant essay by Chris Floyd demonstrates that Western civilization has succumbed to evil. The turbulent ramifications of last week’s New York Times story detailing the operations of Barack Obama’s White House death squad continue to reverberate across the country today, sending shock waves through Washington and bringing crowds of outraged protestors to the…

Just kidding! As we all know, there have been no “ramifications” at all from this shocking story, no scandal whatsoever surrounding the fact that the President of the United States and his aides meet every week to draw up lists of people to be killed all over the world — even people who are completely unknown, who might simply be “behaving” in unspecified ways that some desk jockey somewhere has decided might possibly be indicative of malign intent. No scandal, no consequences, no imbroglio, no brouhaha; the caravan moved on — and the dogs didn’t even bark.

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Drone attacks create terrorist safe havens, warns former CIA official, Paul Harris, Guardian UK

  • Indiscriminate use of drones in Middle East causes too many civilian casualties, warns former CIA counterterrorism head.
  • Obama has launched at least 275 strikes in Pakistan alone; a rate of attack that is far higher than his predecessor George W Bush.
  • Obama's Kill List Reveals Gangsta Mentality in the Oval Office
  • Drone Warfare ~ Madea Benjamin
  • Kucinich on the Ever-Expanding Use of Drones to Kill

Was the Walker recall effort the wrong fight?

  • Politicians are like a balloon tied to a rock. If we swat at them, they may sway to the left or the right. But, tied down, they can only go so far. Instead of batting at them, we should move the rock: people’s activated social values. When we moved the rock, it automatically pulls all the politicians towards us — without having to pressure each one separately.
  • Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin

Daniel Hunter, Waging Nonviolence

A few months after last year’s Wisconsin uprising at the state capitol, I stood in front of a packed Quaker meeting house overflowing with labor leaders, religious leaders and radical activists. They carried a wide range of feelings: a mood of failure because Governor Scott Walker had moved through his nefarious legislation, an excitement left over from daily waves of actions and protests, and a shared sense of shock and being overwhelmed. They had just inspired some of the largest impromptu civil disobedience in recent U.S. history, even prompting Democratic politicians to follow suit and flee the state in hopes of preventing passage of the bill. They also were vaguely united around a new possibility, one that I feared then would redirect the energy of the movement: “If we recall Walker, we can win.”

We now see the result. Conservatives are crowing over their guy winning by seven points. They believe Wisconsin is back in play as a swing state for the presidential campaign. Mitt Romney was quick to celebrate, saying this will “echo beyond the borders.”

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Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin, Robert Scheer, TruthDig
On, Wisconsin! Or so it was meant to be with a union-led recall in the home state of Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette Sr., the populist governor and senator who once shaped the cry for anti-corporate social justice in this nation. After La Follette there was the Wisconsinite William Proxmire, the great conscience of the U.S. Senate, followed by the equally impressive Russ Feingold, who, despite being exactly correct in warning of the consequences of unfettered banking greed, was turned out by Wisconsin voters in 2010. Perhaps if the original McCain-Feingold legislation—gutted by the Supreme Court—was still the law of the land on campaign finance, the Democrats and their union base would have survived Tuesday’s (June 5) election.


Facing Facts in Wisconsin: Obama and the Democratic Party Sold Out Progressives and Workers

Clearly, the time has long since come for labor and progressives to bolt the Democratic Party and coalesce around a new genuinely progressive, working people’s party.

Dave Lindorff, This Can't Be Happening

There will be all kinds of dancing around the issue of why progressives lost the recall campaign against union-busting Tea Party Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin on Tuesday, with the Obama campaign trying to claim that it was not a reflection on him or his popularity, the Democratic Party saying it was not their battle, and the labor movement, sadly, blaming it all on right-wing money. They’ll all be saying that it doesn’t matter, and that the important thing is to focus on helping Democrats win in November.

So let’s get it straight. The Wisconsin battle was hugely important -- an existential struggle for the US labor movement and working people in general, and a critical litmus test of the real nature of both President Obama and of the Democratic Party. And both the president and the party failed that test. Completely and deliberately.

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Joseph Stiglitz | The Price of Inequality and the Myth of Opportunity

  • America likes to think of itself as a land of opportunity, and others view it in much the same light. But ... to what extent do an individual's life chances depend on the income and education of his or her parents?
  • The Globalization of Poverty: Deconstructing the New World Order ~ Michel Chossudovsky

Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate
A member of the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement protests on 5th Avenue, New York. (photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

America likes to think of itself as a land of opportunity, and others view it in much the same light. But, while we can all think of examples of Americans who rose to the top on their own, what really matters are the statistics: to what extent do an individual’s life chances depend on the income and education of his or her parents?

Nowadays, these numbers show that the American dream is a myth. There is less equality of opportunity in the United States today than there is in Europe – or, indeed, in any advanced industrial country for which there are data.

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The Globalization of Poverty: Deconstructing the New World Order ~ Michel Chossudovsky, Described in Global Research
The World Bank and IMF have been the greatest purveyors of poverty around the world, despite their rhetorical claims to the opposite. These institutions, representing the powerful Western nations and the financial interests that dominate them, spread social apartheid around the world, exploiting both the people and the resources of the vast majority of the world's population.