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What the Flag Means To Me

  • When I see the flag and think of the Declaration of Independence I see the United Corporations of America; I see the blood and bones of people all over the globe who have been dehumanized, then exterminated by its imperialism; and I see a symbol that represents a monstrous lie maintained by excessive, deadly force. It makes me feel sick, and ashamed.
  • Liberation Requires Disobedience

S. Brian Willson,

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I was probably seven years old before it really sunk in that everybody in my town was not celebrating my birthday on July 4. It was an exciting day with parades, picnics, fireworks and, in my case, special birthday parties and gifts. I lived much of my young life with the extra boost of having been born on the day that our earliest political framers signed the Declaration of Independence, an historical act of defiance against monarchial colonial rule from distant England. I remember proudly carrying the U.S. American flag in one of the July 4th parades in my small, agricultural town in upstate New York. And for years I felt goosebumps looking at Old Glory waving in the breeze during the playing of the national anthem or as it passed by in a parade. How lucky I was to have been born in the greatest country in the history of the world, and blessed by God to boot. Such a blessing, such a deal!

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Liberation Requires Disobedience, S. Brian Willson,
We are complicit with our own repression. Our own stubborn allegiance to modernity that outsources all the pain and suffering to other peoples and the planet is a kind of mental illness of pathological narcissism and delusions of grandeur. It is a kind of suicide/ecocide.

Colorado Wildfire: Taste of Things to Come

  • Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University, a lead author of the United Nations’ climate science panel, said: “What we’re seeing is a window into what global warming really looks like. It looks like heat, it looks like fires, it looks like this kind of environmental disaster. … This provides vivid images of what we can expect to see more of in the future.”
  • US wildfires are what global warming really looks like, scientists warn.
  • This Is Your Ocean on Acid

Alexander Reed Kelly, Truthdig

The Waldo Canyon fire burns near the Air Force Academy on the outskirts of Colorado Springs.USDAgov (CC BY 2.0)

The wildfire that raged through Colorado’s Waldo Canyon, just one of the many that lit up the state in recent weeks, consumed 346 homes and claimed at least one life. The event is consistent with predictions made by the world’s top climate scientists.

Scientists have long warned that the human activities that lead to climate change are responsible for the cotton-dry conditions in which the fire prevailed.
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US wildfires are what global warming really looks like, scientists warn, Reuters / Guardian UK
The Colorado fires are being driven by extreme temperatures, which are consistent with IPCC projections.

This Is Your Ocean on Acid, Brita Belli. E - The Environmental Magazine

  • As Emissions Continue to Rise, the World’s Oceans Are Becoming Corrosive, Threatening Shellfish, Corals and the Entire Ocean Food Web
  • Colorado Wildfire: Taste of Things to Come

Five Things News Outlets Should Know About The Newest Same-Sex Parenting Study

Anti-gay groups like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Family Research Council (FRC), along with conservative news outlets like National Review Online and The Washington Times, are hailing the study as proof of the dangers of same-sex parenting.

Carlos Maza, Media Matters<>

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Conservatives are abuzz over a new study on same-sex parenting slated to appear in the July issue of Social Science Research. According to the study’s lead investigator, associate sociology professor Mark Regnerus, children of heterosexual married parents score better on a number of measures of social, emotional, and relationship outcomes than the children of same-sex parents. Anti-gay groups like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Family Research Council (FRC), along with conservative news outlets like National Review Online <> and the Washington (DC) Times, are hailing the study as proof of the dangers of same-sex parenting.

In reality, the study suffers from a number of serious methodological flaws, and the political motivations of its backers should raise concerns about the survey’s findings.

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How Wall Street lobbyists created the 'socialist' smear

They created the myth that reformers were communists or socialists, while Wall Street and business represented the real America.   

Charles Geisst, Bloomberg

American history is full of fractious political battles similar to those of the past decade. At the heart of most usually lies an organized special-interest group opposed to the White House and its policies.
Perhaps the most famous of them was the short-lived American Liberty League.

The league was officially founded in 1934, a year and a half into President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's first term. Its predecessor organization, the Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, had successfully lobbied for repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Its personnel moved to the new league, ensuring a quick startup for its activities.

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5 myths of the individual mandate

Joanne Kenen, Politico

All sorts of myths have cropped up around the individual mandate. | AP Photo

The individual mandate, the centerpiece of the health care law, is contentious, unpopular — and misunderstood.


So confusing in fact, that all sorts of myths have cropped up around it.

1) Everyone has to “buy” insurance or pay a fine.
2) People will have to buy insurance even if they can’t afford it.
3) Young and healthy people must buy expensive policies they can’t afford and don’t need.
4) People won’t be able to keep their current insurance.
5) The penalties are exorbitant. I could even get thrown in jail.

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Socialist Party USA Candidate Calls Obamacare Another Corporate Giveaway, Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party - USA

  • “Tonight, the Supreme Court upheld the bad healthcare reform that will insure the profits of private healthcare companies at the expense of American’s access to healthcare.”
  • Pallor or Power, Patients or Consumers: Which Model Do We Want