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How the "Job Creators" REALLY Spend Their Money

  • They don't cite evidence for their claims, because the evidence proves them wrong. Here are the facts.
  • Five Facts That Put America to Shame

Paul Buchheit, Common Dreams

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In his "Gospel of Wealth," Andrew Carnegie argued that average Americans should welcome the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, because the "superior wisdom, experience, and ability" of the rich would ensure benefits for all of us. More recently, Edward Conard, the author of "Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You've Been Told About the Economy Is Wrong," said: "As a society, we're not offering our talented few large enough rewards. We're underpaying our 'risk takers.'

Does wealthy America have a point, that giving them all the money will ensure it's disbursed properly, and that it will create jobs and stimulate small business investment while ultimately benefiting society? Big business CEOs certainly think so, claiming in a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner that an increase in the capital gains tax would reduce investment "when we need capital formation here in America to create jobs and expand our economy."

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Five Facts That Put America to Shame, Paul Bucheit,
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" These words, from poet Emma Lazarus, were inscribed on the Statue of Liberty over 100 years ago. Today the golden door has a lock on it, paid for with record profits from the health care, education, and financial industries.


Don't Legalize Propaganda; Prosecute It

  • Congress is trying to lift the long-standing ban on domestic propaganda. We say prosecute it instead.
  • Please take a stand against legal government lying.

Roots Action

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For as long as the United States government has sought to deceive foreign nations for its own ends, it has been legally forbidden from aiming propaganda at the U.S. public.

A bipartisan group of Congress members slipped a repeal of that ban into the military authorization bill that passed the House last week.

In 2006 we learned that the U.S. government was secretly producing "independent" video news stories talking up alleged successes in the Iraq war.

In 2008 we learned that the Pentagon was secretly directing "independent" pundits, retired military officers, to propagandize the public on behalf of war.

Every new war or "intervention" or "targeted killing" is packaged in lies.

The answer is not to throw up our hands and legalize these abuses.  The answer is to prosecute them.

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Thou Shalt Not Kill

Today, with the world poised on the edge of a disaster that might be produced by escalatory cycles of revenge and counter-revenge, we need to remember wise voices from the past, among them the voices of Tolstoy, Gandhi and King. They tell us of the immorality, waste and folly of war. They tell us to recognize the humanity of all other humans. They tell us to show the love and generosity of spirit that can turn enemies into friends.

John Scales Avery,

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One of the functions of good literature is to help us to put ourselves imaginatively into the skin of another person. Good literature (and for that matter, good cinema and television) ought to broaden the range of human sympathy, allowing us to share the feelings of other people who are very different from ourselves.

It is an interesting fact that Leo Tolstoy, who is generally considered to have been one of the greatest novelists of all time, was deeply aware of ethical problems, especially as an old man. “...The sharpest of all contradictions”, Tolstoy wrote, “can be seen between the government’s professed faith in the Christian law of the brotherhood of all humankind, and the military laws of the state, which force each young man to prepare himself for enmity and murder...”

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A Rebellious World or a New Dark Age?

  • On the History of the US Economy in Decline
  • Joseph Stiglitz | The 99 Percent Wakes Up

Noam Chomsky, Common Dreams

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The Occupy movement has been an extremely exciting development. Unprecedented, in fact. There’s never been anything like it that I can think of.  If the bonds and associations it has established can be sustained through a long, dark period ahead -- because victory won’t come quickly -- it could prove a significant moment in American history.

The fact that the Occupy movement is unprecedented is quite appropriate. After all, it’s an unprecedented era and has been so since the 1970s, which marked a major turning point in American history. For centuries, since the country began, it had been a developing society, and not always in very pretty ways. That’s another story, but the general progress was toward wealth, industrialization, development, and hope. There was a pretty constant expectation that it was going to go on like this. That was true even in very dark times.

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Joseph Stiglitz | The 99 Percent Wakes Up, Joseph Stiglitz, Daily Beast

  • Inequality isn’t only plaguing America—the Arab Spring flowered because international capitalism is broken. In From Cairo to Wall Street: Voices from the Global Spring<>, edited by Anya Schiffrin and Eamon Kircher-Allen, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz says the world is finally rising up and demanding a democracy where people, not dollars, matter—the best government that money can buy just isn’t good enough.
  • Chris Hedges | The Implosion of Capitalism