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US imposes new sanctions on North Korea


By targetting Pyongyang, the Obama administration is also heightening the pressure on North Korea’s ally, China. Sanctions against North Korea are … aimed at undermining Beijing’s influence that is de-stabilising the entire region.

Peter Symonds, World Socialist Website

Thanks to Evergreene Digest reader David Sladky for this contribution. 

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Population-Boom-1000_590_620.jpgMr. Fish

3 January 2015 |US President Barack Obama yesterday raised the stakes in the confrontation with North Korea over unsubstantiated allegations that it hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment, authorising a new round of economic sanctions affecting 10 government officials and three state entities.

The US action is deliberately provocative. The Obama administration imposed the penalties despite the lack of evidence that Pyongyang was responsible for the Sony hacking. North Korea has flatly denied any involvement and offered to conduct a joint investigation with American authorities.

Peter Symonds: a regular contributor to World Socialist Website and

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Sony; The Interview; Racism; Hollywood, Media Regurgitate Government Claims, Robin Andersen; Ezrah Aharonel; Glenn Greenwald, Portside 

  • Sony and the hackers captured the year-end news cycle for over a month, unveiling a treasure trove of emails exposing stark flashes of the hidden underbelly of Hollywood. 
  • Certain "racist" emails of Sony executive Amy Pascal were made public.
  • The hackers are unknown, yet the media was initially more than ready to accept the initial government claims. 

Breaking: House GOP Attacks Social Security on day one!


We need to tell Congress we stand united on the side of our WHOLE Social Security system! We reject the games and forced crises. Social Security works, period.

Social Security Works / Thom Hartmann

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Jim Fuller

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header_images/1498/large.gif?1375110262Jan. 7, 2015 | We knew that the new Republican Congress wanted to dismantle our Social Security system brick by brick—but we didn’t expect them to do it on their first day!

They’ve taken what should be a dry, mundane exercise – the adoption of new rules by the newly convening House of Representatives – and turned it into a stealth attack on our Social Security system. This rule is nothing more than an attempt to divide people who believe in Social Security.

social_justice_0.jpgPhoto Credit:

We need to tell Congress we stand united on the side of our WHOLE Social Security system! We reject the games and forced crises. Social Security works, period.

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She Spent $1.57 For Something That Cost Him $60.62. And That, My Friends, Is Disgusting.


Get ready to hear more about this woman in the years to come.


Eddie Geller, Upworthy

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Betty Culver

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I have someone you should meet: Zephyr Teachout. 

Zephyr is an author, professor, and crusader against the corrupting influence of money in politics.

In the fall of 2014, Zephyr ran for governor of New York in the Democratic primary against Andrew Cuomo. And though she didn't win, Zephyr captured 30% of the vote with almost no money.

Here's the best statistic, though: Her opponent, Andrew Cuomo, spent $60.62 for each one of his votes. Zephyr's campaign, however, spent only $1.57.

Eddie Geller: I once appeared in a movie where the director commended me on my fake vomiting. Even though I’m no longer in Tinseltown, my dreams are as ambitious as ever: Let’s get big money out of politics, save the planet, and tear down the patriarchy.

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Bribery.jpgSpecial Project | Money In Politics: Week Ending January 3, 2015, Compiled by David Culver <>, Ed., Evergreene Digest <>

  • "It has become clear that meaningful campaign finance reform is a necessary pre-condition for the Congress to be able to do the people's work in Washington." --Russ Feingold
  • 8 New items including:
    • Bought-and-Paid Congress Divides the Spoils
    • In Big-Money Move, Corporations Seek to Make Congress a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary
    • Top 20 ‘Dirty Denier$’ Who Accept Big Bucks from Big Polluters
    • Ready for a surprise? Money DOES equal access in Washington
    • ‘Oligarchic tendencies’: Study finds only the wealthy get represented in the Senate,
    • Government = Protection Racket for the 1 Percent
    • Who’s Buying our Midterm Elections?
    • First Citizens United. Now McCutcheon

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People Against the NDAA / Just Add Puppet /

Do you still find it interesting that some of the few things "republicans" and "democrats" can agree upon are indefinite detention, laws of war, and the world being a battlefield?